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Blue Peter, Peter Beales Roses, and RNLI mark 200 years with rose debut at RHS Chelsea

Peter Beales Roses03/05/2024

In a tribute to a legacy of courage, Peter Beales Roses and the RNLI have come together to commemorate 200 years of service and dedication at this year’s RHS Chelsea (20 – 25th May). The launch of the new ‘With Courage’ rose will take place on Monday Press Day with several iconic faces from Blue Peter who are synonymous with both British institutions with the ‘Lifeboat Appeal’. 

Peter Beales Roses, renowned for their exquisite blooms and timeless beauty, have long been a symbol of resilience and strength, much like the brave men and women of the RNLI who risk their lives to save others at sea. And with the 200th anniversary of the RNLI taking place this year, Peter Beales is proud to launch ‘With Courage’ a carefully bred rose to reflect the spirit of courage and dedication exemplified by the RNLI, which serves as a lasting tribute to their noble mission. 


The launch of ‘With Courage’ will see well-loved Blue Peter presenters on the Peter Beales stand, adding an extra layer of meaning to the celebration. Blue Peter has been a longstanding supporter of the RNLI, emphasising the importance of courage, resilience, and community spirit. Confirmed to attend so far are favourites, Valerie Singleton who was responsible for the first Lifeboat Appeal in 1967, Janet Ellis, Lindsey Russell and Anthea Turner. 

'With Courage' is a modern classic floribunda, featuring coppery orange double flowers set against glossy mid-green foliage. The rose is compact and reaches a height of 3 feet and releases a delightful apple fragrance. The rose took six years to come to market, ensuring it meets the demands of modern gardens. With 20% of all sales benefiting the RNLI, sales of 'With Courage' are projected to raise £40,000 for the charity. 

It will take centre stage on the Peter Beales stand, along with a real RNLI rib, surrounded by thousands of a sea of the most popular rose varieties. The exhibit will be at the beating heart of the Grand Pavilion, spanning an incredible 100 square metres with walkthrough access so visitors can surround themselves with the beautiful display and scent of the nation’s favourite flower. 

The instantly recognisable rose-covered arches will welcome guests to the fragrant and sensory display which will encourage you to linger and enjoy the beauty of the flowers. As well as ‘With Courage,’ multiple coloured and scented varieties will come together in a breathtaking display, each reaching their height, and exhibited in different ways to showcase the vibrant blooms. Marvel at the arches adorned with the deep crimson ‘Chevy Chase,’ the enchanting pure white ‘Rambling Rector,’ and the delightful ‘Paul's Himalayan Musk,’ as well as the majestic ‘Waterloo.’ 
Step further into the immersive display to encounter special varieties like ‘Rachel's Joy,’ ‘Highgrove,’ ‘Loyal Companion,’ ‘MacMillan Nurse,’ and ‘Pippin,’ each a living tribute to Peter Beales' legacy. Experience the enchantment of old historical roses such as ‘Comte de Chambord,’ ‘White Pet,’ and the striking ‘Rosa Mundi.’ Obelisks stand tall, proudly presenting the ‘Siluetta’ range of patio climbers alongside the captivating ‘Purple Skyliner.’ 

 With both Peter Beales and RNLI representatives on the stand, those visiting will have the opportunity to learn more about the RNLI's life-saving missions and Peter Beales Roses' rich heritage in rose breeding and cultivation. Actor and RNLI Ambassador Joanna Scanlon will also be on hand to speak about her experiences in open-water swimming and why the charity’s advice and help are so important. 

*PHOTOCALL OPPORTUNITY* Monday 20th May at 1.35 pm on the Peter Beales stand, GPF089 in the Grand Pavilion. Join us as we launch Rosa ‘With Courage’ with RNLI. Familiar Blue Peter faces Valerie Singleton, Anthea Turner, Lindsey Russell and Janet Ellis will “set sail” in a real RNLI rig boat with the new rose by their side. Journalists and photographers are also welcome to chat with Joanna Scanlon about her real-life experiences in water and photograph her with the rose. 

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