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Peter Beales' perfect picks - Roses for a vibrant summer garden

Peter Beales Roses06/06/2024

Imagine stepping into your garden on a warm summer morning, greeted by a burst of vibrant and fragrant roses in full bloom. This can become a reality with the help of renowned rose breeder and grower, Peter Beales. Selecting the right rose varieties is crucial for ensuring a continuous display of blooms throughout the summer. Whether it be hybrid tea roses, floribunda roses, or shrub roses which are known for their repeat flowering, Peter Beales is on hand with their top picks for summer, allowing you to enjoy fresh, colourful and continuous flowers for months on end. 

‘Hot Chocolate’ Hot Chocolate', boasts beautiful reddy-brown, cup-shaped flowers that bloom prolifically from July through September. The rose has a delicate, sweet fragrance that perfectly matches its name, and it will continue to bloom throughout the season with regular deadheading. 'Hot Chocolate' pairs well with other shrubs in a garden border and can thrive in a large container or raised bed. Additionally, like most roses, it works wonderfully as a cut flower for indoor arrangements, bringing its lovely fragrance and summer vibes indoors. 

‘As Good as it Gets’ ‘As Good as it Gets’ is a beautiful rose that lives up to its name. This pretty in pink floribunda has captivating cerise blooms with hints of blackberry, emitting a strong and delightful fragrance. This rose is a bush-type that produces double blooms and has a repeat flowering period. It is also highly disease-resistant and hardy, with charming foliage. It is perfect for both indoor and outdoor displays and can even be used in floral arrangements. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for any garden. 

‘Absolutely Fabulous’ Here comes summer with this ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ rose that epitomises sunshine! This is a standout member of the Floribunda family, showcasing large clusters of buttery yellow, fully double blooms that exude a unique myrrh scent, making it a true delight for the senses. Renowned for its robust health and prolific flowering, this award-winning rose thrives in various conditions, even in less fertile soils. Its versatility shines through as it flourishes both in garden beds and containers and fully earns its place in floral arrangements, with its blooms maintaining their beauty over time. 

'Timeless Pink’ Roses are timeless symbols for beauty in the garden and nothing can be more classic than Timeless Pink. Light pink to apricot with very fragrant, double flowers adorn this hybrid tea rose, which will bloom continuously throughout the summer with deadheading. With its captivating fragrance and elegant velvet petals, it adds a touch of beauty to any garden. It exhibits remarkable disease resistance and is suitable for growing in pots as well as for cut flowers, making it a versatile and prized addition to any outdoor setting. 

'Blue For You’ You’ll never be blue over summer with this rose, despite its name. ‘Blue For You’ features attractive semi-double, pale purple and mauve flowers with paler reversed petals, Its free-flowering nature makes it an ideal choice for summer colour in mixed borders, adding a touch of elegance and a showy display to any garden setting. This versatile rose is also suitable for planting in containers, making it a perfect option for outdoor spaces of any size. Known for its ease of care, it thrives effortlessly in the UK climate, making it a popular and low-maintenance choice for gardeners. 

‘Timeless Purple’ Purple is said to represent luxury, wealth, and extravagance and ‘Timeless Purple’ brings this to your garden this summer. This award-winning double purple scented rose exudes an old-fashioned cottage charm, adding a touch of nostalgia to any garden. This hybrid tea rose features exquisite double blooms that will last when deadheaded throughout the flowering period. Renowned for its captivating fragrance, it's perfect for cutting and creating potpourri, as well as for growing in pots, making it a versatile choice for gardeners. Tolerant of poorer soils and exhibiting disease resistance, it thrives in various conditions, providing a stunning display of rich colour all summer long. 

‘Joie de Vivre’ Experience the joy of living this summer with the ‘Joie de Vivre’ rose. Named Rose of the Year in 2011, this shrub rose boasts generously sized cluster blooms ranging from peach to pale pink, in a rosette form. With its compact, bushy growth habit and glossy foliage, it adds charm to any garden landscape. This Floribunda rose blooms in flushes throughout the summer offering a continuous display of fragrant, double flowers when deadheaded. Versatile and adaptable, it thrives in beds, borders, and containers alike, making it an ideal choice for various garden styles. 

Arthur Bell ‘Arthur Bell’ boasts well-formed, semi-double flowers in a rich, deep yellow colour which gradually softens to lemon as it ages, forming large clusters that will give your summer garden the wow factor. The rose also boasts a knockout perfume that adds an extra dimension to its allure. Perfect for growing in pots, in flower beds, or for cutting, it will sit well in any garden design. It’s also a favourite among pollinators, serving as a valuable food source and will thrive in full sun all season. 

‘Scentimental’ Get ‘Scentimental’ this summer with this eye-catching dual-coloured floribunda rose, boasting a unique blend of fully double cream and pink to red striped flowers. This bushy rose has an exceptional fragrance, making it a standout in any garden. Tolerant of poorer soils, it thrives in various conditions and is ideal for bed and container planting and for use as cut flowers.’Scentimental’ adds a touch of elegance to any floral arrangement with its repeat flushes of striking blooms on long stems. 

‘Nostalgia’ ‘Nostalgia’, a rare and exquisite hybrid tea rose, is a showy variety of rose with large, double cream blooms adorned with striking cherry-red edges, creating a captivating two-tone effect. While slightly fragrant, its foliage boasts a rich, dark hue with glossy textures, accentuated by attractive new red growth. This healthy and bushy plant holds immense merit for any border or pot, thriving even in poorer soils. ‘Nostalgia’ stands out as a standout choice for gardeners who want summer-long vibrance with its colour-changing blooms throughout the season adding an element of surprise and delight to any outdoor space. 

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As Good as it Gets IMG_0936 from Whartons
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