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Starting your rose garden right - The best Peter Beales Roses for beginners

Peter Beales Roses23/05/2024

Roses have always been a beloved choice for gardeners in the UK due to their captivating beauty, alluring fragrance, and undeniable charm. They present a perfect starting point for beginners as they are easy to care for and provide a great sense of accomplishment when flowering. With the right amount of sunlight, water, and well-drained soil, roses can thrive and blossom even in the hands of inexperienced gardeners. Whether it be it a cottage garden, balcony or backyard, Peter Beales Roses outlines the best roses for those starting their gardening journey. 

Rhapsody in Blue: An award-winning rose that is perfect for beginners and enchants with its unique blend of blue and purple semi-double blooms. A floribunda cluster rose, it’s easy to see why it won Rose of the Year in 2003 as it flowers all summer, can tolerate most soils and its intoxicating scent will excite even the most novice of green thumbs. Suitable for growing in pots, beginners growing Rhapsody in Blue will not be disappointed. 

Frilly Cuff: Ideal for beginners who want a classic look to their gardens, Frilly Cuff is pretty in pink with its cerise blooms with frilled petals, reminiscent of elegant lace. Introduced for Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, also known for his frills, it flowers in abundance through to autumn and has a light apple fragrance that will delight in a light summer breeze. Highly versatile, Frilly Cuff is not fussy with even newbie gardeners and can be planted in any soil, anywhere and is suitable for a mixed border or as a container plant. 

Rachel:  With Pantone announcing Peach Fuzz as the 2024 Colour of Year, gardeners who want to be on trend can’t go wrong with Rachel which perfectly encapsulates the must-have colour on everyone's lips. Even if you are new to gardening, you cannot be impressed by the stunning blend of double pink and peach flowers of this hybrid tea, its delightful perfume and lush, glossy mid to dark green foliage. It’s also repeat flowering so you can enjoy it all summer long! Champagne Moment: Looking for a rose to mark a special occasion in your life, whether it be a wedding, birth or graduation, look no further than Champagne Moment to capture the feelings of celebration. It bursts into clusters of charming pink buds, unfurling into medium-sized creamy white blooms and apricot centre. Easy to grow for new gardeners it is incredibly forgiving, thriving in a variety of soil conditions, including poorer soils, and it's hardy with minimal maintenance to withstand the challenges that come with being a beginner gardener. 

It’s a Wonderful Life: Rose of the Year 2022, this a classic rose reminiscent of the traditional film of the same name that we all know and love. 'It's a Wonderful Life' is a beautiful floribunda rose that has a lovely fragrance with hints of orange. Its flowers change colour as they bloom, starting as deep coral buds and ending up as soft apricot blooms. Ideal for beginners, this robust and disease-free variety is a great addition to patio planters, rose beds, and mixed borders making it a beautiful focal point during summer months. 

Golden Beauty: Homeowners can find their own pot of gold in their starter garden with this Golden Beauty. This RHS Garden Merit floribunda rose is a robust plant that blooms all summer and early autumn, producing clusters of double golden-orange flowers with a light and delicate fragrance. A compact and rounded shrub, Golden Beauty is also highly resistant to diseases and can grow well in poorer soils, meaning it's perfect for those new to gardening who need an easy, low-maintenance option. 

MacMillan Nurse: This is a traditional rose and produces large, old-fashioned blooms in a rosette style. The blooms have a peach flush, making it a focal plant for those starting out. Macmillan Nurse is subtly fragrant and blooms through the summer and autumn, complimented by dark green, glossy foliage. It is perfect for growing in containers if you have a small outdoor space and will make an eye-catching statement if used in borders. It blooms repeatedly and is resistant to disease, making it the ideal choice for starting your rose garden. 

Timeless Charisma: Timeless Charisma is a stunning rose with large double blooms in hot pink and a strong fragrance. It's ideal for cut flower arrangements or as a striking plant that will draw your family and friends' attention. It’s compact size making it perfect for tubs, containers, or the front of borders. New rose lovers will adore this stunning cultivar that blooms with minimal fuss from summer to the first frost. As its name suggests, this rose is timeless and will never go out of fashion! 

Summer Beauty:  Immerse yourself in Summer Beauty which will captivate new rose enthusiasts with its vibrant orange blooms resembling sunny days. Its semi-double blooms with a fragrant scent flower repeatedly, making it a wildlife-friendly and suitable option for growing in flower beds or pots. The rose's hardy tolerance allows it to thrive even in poorer soils with blooming from May to September, helping your garden maintain its summer glow right through to autumn. 

How to plant:  Eager to start planting your new favourite plant? All the roses mentioned come in containers with a well-established root system, providing them with a head start in growth compared to bare-root roses. They also can be planted at any time of the year offering those new to the game, more flexibility in planting and allowing you to enjoy the roses sooner. When planting roses, choose a sunny location with a minimum distance of 30cm from structures and avoid replanting where a rose previously grew to prevent disease. Pre-water potted roses before planting, use a rose feed and well-rotted manure, and water regularly throughout the summer for establishment. If planting in containers, choose a pot with drainage holes, use quality potting compost, water and feed regularly, and replace soil yearly in January or February and every three years to refresh nutrients. 

Peter Beales: It's a Wonderful Life
Peter Beales: It's a Wonderful Life
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